CoolSculpting Testimonials

Minneapolis / St. Paul CoolSculpting Testimonials

Isn’t it time you joined the many happy women and men who have achieved fantastic results from CoolSculpting? From her office in Plymouth, Dr. Jennifer Harrington serves the Twin Cities as well as outlying communities including Minnetonka, Wayzata, St. Cloud and Sartell. Her office and state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center are conveniently located and the practice can coordinate travel arrangements with you.

Here’s what Dr. Harrington has to say in her own words!

“I have been a practicing board-certified plastic surgeon since July 2000. I have never been into gimmicky, faddish procedures that do not work. I have always been the kind of surgeon that would only do procedures on my patients that I would do to myself.

I have been curious about non-invasive techniques to remove fat for many years, and after much research I decided that freezing fat cells made the most sense. I decided to try the procedure on myself through the company “CoolSculpting” in the fall of 2012. I was so excited by my results that I purchased the machines 10 weeks later and started offering CoolSculpting to my patients.

I think it is invaluable to my patients that I am a board-certified plastic surgeon that can offer my patients both traditional liposuction and CoolSculpting. Every patient is different and each patient has individual needs.


Individual results may vary.

I have all the tools in my box. If you are not a candidate for this procedure I will tell you. I have the whole scope of options available to you. If I think traditional liposuction is better for you I will tell you. If I think traditional weight loss is best I will tell you. I am not into gimmicks!

I do not need to sell you on this procedure because I have done it myself and it works! If you are struggling with a bulge, or bulges, I would strongly recommend you come see me for some good solid advice. I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with my results that are pictured on this page. I struggled with posting my own photos but I felt it would help you as the consumer better understand how excited I am about this procedure. It works! It’s really COOL!”
– Dr. Jennifer Harrington

Being a busy mother of two, my limited work out time was just not cutting it. I had grown increasingly more uncomfortable and self conscious about my muffin top. At a consultation with Dr. Harrington we discussed CoolSculpting as one of my options. This new innovative technology was just right for me because it helped me reach my goal without having to undergo major surgery and it required literally no down time or days off work. I was a little uncomfortable for a few days following the procedure, but I was well educated on what to expect by Dr. Harrington and her awesome office staff. I now look and feel AMAZING!! My self confidence has gone through the roof! I am no longer worried about what kind of shirts to wear, or how to hide that unsightly muffin top!
– Tisha M

Wow! 6 weeks out and I’m feeling and looking HOT, HOT, HOT I’m totally amazed at how much my muffin top has shrunk in 6 weeks. Like you said the first few days might be a little uncomfortable… I’d be ok feeling that way for weeks with results like this. I’ve worked so hard to lose that thing for the last year and you made it happen in just a few hours. You rock and the nurse that put the machine on was soooo nice.
– A

As you know I’m a 45JyearJold professional woman totally committed to my career and admittedly do not take enough time for myself. I’ve considered liposuction for the some time and finally met with you for a consultation. Listening to my concerns you suggested I may be a good candidate for Cool Sculpting. No recovery period and returning to work the following day was an easy decision for me. My tummy looks great!
– M

After two kids and a little weight gain I felt and looked like I had wings, the fat under my arms would simply not go away. Even after losing the baby weight and consistent exercise I couldn’t get rid it. Your new Cool Sculpting machine has made all the difference, I feel like a new person and I’m looking forward to summer! Thank you Dr.
– Jenn. R

You listened to my concerns, provided me with options and guided me toward an educated decision. I’m forever grateful for kindness and helping me feel more beautiful.
– D

My fiancée and I wanted to get tightened up before our wedding. Were both in good shape but I’ve been unable to loose my love handles and she wanted her “pooch” gone. My handles are gone and her abdomen looks great. Thanks so much for helping us look our best.
– W

Hello again You made the “girls” look great in 2010 and I returned to you earlier this year to seeking help to shape up my thighs. I felt totally comfortable with you knowing liposuction or Cool Sculpting were options. The procedure easy, your staff was friendly and office environment is so relaxing. My thighs are feeling and looking great. Thank you for introducing me to Cool Sculpting, you’re the best.
– T